Top Five Travel Apps for 2016



Traveling to different places is an incredible opportunity that can be extremely enjoyable. However, traveling can be rather stressful as well because of everything that goes on behind the scenes such as putting together flights, renting cars, hotels, etc. Well, Tripit has got you covered and allows you to just enjoy your time traveling without having to get everything together. Once you get all confirmation emails you can forward all of these to Tripit and it will put together a great organized itinerary for your trip!


If you are having a difficult time deciding how to navigate around certain areas of where you are traveling then make sure you download the citymapper app. It is really easy to use and gives you more a descriptive idea of where to go, real-time departures, disruption alerts, uber integration and bicycle routes. The best part is it is available in over 30 cities worldwide.

XE Currency

The XE currency app is seen as a hot commodity for many users who are looking for currency conversions. This app has a ton of unique business features that include rates and historic currency charts. What can be better? XE Currency is able to convert every world currency at a blink of an eye.


When traveling with friends it can be difficult to figure who paid for what and how to know if anyone owes money for certain expenses. Well, you are in the right place to find out how to solve this issue. Download Splittr, it is awesome way share costs between friends. The app will let everyone know who is next to pay or who needs to pay and then it will generate a report at the end of your trip that shows what all the expenses were. Pretty awesome, right ?

Google Translator

This a very useful app that can be used during your travels. If you are someone who is not too familiar with the language of the place your traveling to then this app is a great way to help get you started. You can take pictures of signs or menus and it will translate it back to the language of your choosing. It is great way to have fun and learn at the same time!  Enjoy!

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