4 Ways To Eat Healthy While on Vacation

lauren yurick salmon dinner

Vacations are an awesome way to relax and experience new places. However, if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet on vacation it can be difficult because of all of the intriguing food options that there are.  Today, we take a look at four ways to stay on a healthy eating plan while you can still enjoy your vacation.

Better Menu Options

It is easy to be tempted to make unhealthy choices when ordering at restaurants. There are so many intriguing options that can be extremely hard to resist, but you can still find healthier options that can be just as good. You can get fish, chicken, or steak, which is all high in protein with a side of vegetables.

Cheat Day

Allowing yourself one cheat day can help you feel satisfied. It can often help you not splurge every day as well. For example, how do you pass up on treats while you are on vacation ? My advice is to plan a day during your vacation where you treat yourself to anything you want.

H20 is the Way to Go

Another thing I recommend is to substitute water for soda and juices. It can truly make big difference, especially when you are on vacation. If you are somewhere where it is very hot, it might be best to bring water with you wherever you go so you can stay hydrated. Make sure you stock your hotel room with cases of water so you don’t get the urge to have soda.

Walking is Your Secret Weapon

Walking on vacation can be a great opportunity to stay in shape. For example, if you enjoy sight seeing around town or going for walks on the beach every day it can be a great way to burn more calories.This is great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of your destination while staying fit. Now, what can be better?