Lauren Yurick & Fam

Lauren Yurick is the Nevada-based founder of Benefit Resource Group, a company that offers creative and comprehensive administration of tax-free employee benefits. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Lauren earned a college degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from Johnson and Wales University in 1988. She briefly moved to Los Angeles before settling down in Reno, Nevada, where she worked for a variety of smaller insurance agencies and got invaluable experience in sales. After switching gears and taking on a consultant role at a large managed care company, she decided to become an independent broker. For the next six years she advised a diverse group of clients from Nevada and beyond, honing her own skills as she provided solutions to all kinds of employers.

Lauren grew up in a family founded on entrepreneurship. Her grandfather immigrated to the United States at 12 years old and eventually created his own sign company, Bright Sign Co., in Philadelphia. Lauren’s father and uncle continue the business to this day, and she has always been inspired to make her own way and be responsible for her own success. She raised their two children with that same work ethic; her son is now a real estate agent and her daughter recently graduated college with honors.

After six years of entrepreneurship, Lauren decided to officially fill the gap in the management industry by creating Benefit Resource Group. The company’s focus on compliance, customization, and meeting clients’ needs quickly made it a standout in the industry. It is now part of United Benefit Advisors (UBA), one of the largest employee benefits advisory organizations in the United States. Between her role at Benefit Resource Group and her participation in local advisory committees, Lauren always focuses on helping people, from providing health insurance options to encouraging corporate wellness.

In her home life, Lauren is also passionate about helping rescue dogs. She currently has two border collie-pit bull mixes and one chihuahua-miniature pinscher mix. Lauren and her family aim to change people’s negative perceptions of pit bulls in the wake of bad press about them. She believes that they are misunderstood due to overpopulation and their upbringing, and that pit bulls really just want love. Lauren was initially inspired by Jim Gorant’s book The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption, which she refers to as “life-changing” in her perception of pit bulls.

Lauren has a number of outdoor hobbies. She loves to golf and go hiking, particularly in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, and she frequently travels with her family. She feels a particularly strong connection to Salerno, Italy because she has family roots there, and she tries to visit the area every two years. In addition to Salerno, Lauren’s favorite travel spots include Italy in general, Vienna, Austria and Madrid, Spain. Her next travel goal is Ireland, where the other half of her family’s lineage stems.